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A taste of Lofoten

21 Mar 2016 - By Bree

We’re approaching Narvik /Evenes. Thick clouds everywhere. I am glued to the window. White. More white. Suddenly, the clouds part and I catch a glimpse of the landscape. Sharp, bright white mountain tips protrude from the deep dark sea. Yes, that’s exactly how I’ve imagined it. Wild and beautiful. But it’s so much more beautiful. Welcome to Lofoten! ...

Lofoten Norway 2016

21 Mar 2016 - By Erin

I flew half-way across the world and above the arctic circle to join a small group of photographers I met on Instagram to photograph the magical Lofoten islands of Norway. After roughly 48-hours of traveling, I met up with the rest of the 6-person team I would spend the next 4 days with. The tour was hosted by the amazing Réza Kalfane and Valentino Valkaj of France and Finland. ...

Thankfully my spouse likes to travel too. We've both been to every continent (except Antarctica) but mutually love remote Iceland and the unique landscape, culture and peacefulness/energy. I'm going to be going back more frequently with a group of amazing professional photographers. Check out their work @rezzzzzzz_photo @valentinovalkaj and follow them. These guys are just great and they travel to the most beautiful spots.


New York, United States

What could possibly go wrong when you have the best company, the best sites, the best fresh air and the best trip all together!!!! ?? Nothing


Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

It cleared up a bit last night we were lucky enough to see the Aurora. Yes!! The best way to end the last night of the South Iceland tour.


Sydney, Australia

I just came home after a terrific photo expedition on the south coast of Iceland. I had a fantastic time with great positive people. We got all kinds of tough Icelandic winter weather that showed the country in thousands of different shades of grey... and colors. Despite the harsh weather it added to the experience and I look forward to start working on my pictures. A BIG thank you to all of you guys, this really was a fantastic trip even though I have seen most of these places many times before. It could easily have been a difficult trip but your positivity turned it into a GREAT trip. And last but not least, thank you for your patience, you really elevated the experience.


Reykjavík, Iceland